"You are cordially invited to dine with God." Imagine receiving such an invitation! As he often does, Jeus uses a parable to convey who God is and what God wants for us. Jesus’choice of a banquet as a symbol is not an arbitrary one, but one that best describes what the reign of God is like. Who does not enjoy the intimacy, warth and inclusion of a meal? We share not only food, but who we are with friends and family.

The history of salvation is one of invitations given and rejected. The prophets came and people did not listen. Jesus came and people still did not listen. They preached a life beyond the present, with God offering the intimacy and lavish love of a banquet. All are invited, Jews, Gentiles, the worthy and the un worthy. Some understand the message, but cannot accept with their hearts. After all, conversion is not an intellectual exercise, but a journey of the heart. Going to the banquet means examining priorities and placing life with God at the top.

As followers of the messenger, we continue to bring the message of God’s unconditional love and desire for an intimate relationship. Are we willing to accept the invitation to the banquet of a lifetime? Are we willing to bring the message to others hungry for such a meal?

Father AKE Patrice, UCAO-UUA

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